Could the Honda Investment in Grab Mean That Self-Driving Cars Are Near?

With Uber and similar ride-sharing services becoming more popular than ever – in which you can summon a driver with just the touch of a button – it’s no wonder that major automakers are taking notice and getting in on the game. The new Honda investment in Grab is proof of this trend.

Honda investment in Grab

Recently, Honda made a huge investment in Grab, an app similar to Uber and Lift, currently quite popular in Southeast Asia. Honda hasn’t shared their exact plans for Grab, but we think it’s safe to say that they will be offering Honda models for the system.

In fact, it’s incredibly likely that Honda will give some of their first self-driving cars to Grab, which should streamline the process for the app and provide excellent marketing and brand recognition opportunities for Honda.

Could Grab become as popular in the United States as Uber? With self-driving Honda models working as part of the service, Grab could become a household name. Only time will tell. Honda has been tight-lipped regarding their progress with self-driving cars, but the Honda investment in Grab indicates that they are getting closer and closer to the finish line.


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